“So you had 2 unexpected days off, eh Wolf?”

“So what?”

“Did you get your car?”

“Do you see it outside?  Of course not. And I don’t expect to get it anytime soon.”

“Well, well, well.  So you will be home this weekend.  How lovely.”

“I am going shopping tomorrow, with Ed.”

“Who the hell is Ed?”

“Never mind.  Let’s just say Ed is in for a treat.  How many people get to go shopping with the chicken butt?”

“By Sunday night, you will have cabin fever. And by Tuesday, you will be a lunatic.”

“I am already a lunatic.  But I must say, it is quite delightful to hang out and do next to nothing.  I think I have a hidden desire to be a bum.”

“It is refreshing to see you relaxed and hanging out in your pjs.  And, of course, not coming home half in the bag.”

“Why do you think I am going shopping with Ed tomorrow?  I have to replenish my supplies.”

“Just what did you do today, anyway?”

“I watched the squirrels playing in the yard, drank coffee and threw out a dozen stink bugs”

“That’s it?”

“No.  I drank most of the beer.”

“It’s a damn good thing you still work.  Can you imagine the mess you would be, if you didn’t”

“Working or not working, I enjoyed my day.  It was quite colorful.  Puff Daddy, stalking a mouse, the landscaper, weed wacking and cutting the brown grass, washing all the wine glasses, finally locating my car insurance card, and finding frozen beer in the freezer.”

“It seems that you are content, no matter what the circumstances.”

“That’s my problem.  It doesn’t matter if I am stuck at home, car-less, or working every day.  I just find life to be amazing.”

“Do you think that is normal?  To find the most mundane things to be amazing?”

“I can’t speak for you, Minnie, or for anyone else.  I had a wonderfully amazing mundane day.  By the way, look!  The squirrel is back in the yard!”




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