Life without a car:

An inconvenience.

The opportunity to catch up with old friends, who cart your ass around.

A change of hours.  Yikes. It is dark at 4am.

Eating lunch at 1030am.

A few hours in the morning when the phone doesn’t ring.  Very productive.

Not being able to take a case of wine home. Thanks Beav, for going to Trader Joe’s and thinking of me.

Leaving the crazies at 330pm, at the height of craziness.

Practicing the art of patience, waiting for the dealership to get the parts.

Considering a new vehicle.  Next time: a 4 wheel drive.

Meeting new people, who take different break times.

Being slightly off beat.

Getting home so early, that I was asked:  “What the hell?  Did you get fired?”

Changing a routine can be stressful, but exhilarating.

Independence is freedom.

Freedom comes at a price.

Just ask our troops.

Let the car die.  It’s not important.

Just keep our troops and friends safe.

And make sure the liquor store delivers.










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