4am:  Coffee please.

430am:  Cat is hungry. What the hell?  Now he wants to go out?

5am:  Walk down the driveway with 3 bags of trash.

530am:  Get dinner ready in the crock pot.

6am: Shower, wash hair and get dressed.

630am:  Christi picking me up for work.

7am:  Pat shows up with a bagel and coffee. I resolve never to tell her to shut up again.

730am:  Last day of billing. Get it done.

8am:  Phone starts ringing.

830am:  Orders pile up.

9am:  I need a break.

930am:  Rush requests.

10am:  Is it lunch time yet? I am hungry.

1030am:  4 of 5 crazies resolve to quit.

11am:  Eating mac and cheese.  Best ever.

1130am:  Go for a walk.

12 noon:  40 more orders?  Why?

1230pm:  Pat goes to Mcd’s.  Brings me French fries. oink oink.

1pm:  More redirected orders. I have an intimate relationship with UPS.

130pm:  Co workers show up at my desk with good news.  Everything is hunky dory.

2pm:  Iglou makes coffee and carries the hot orders to pre press.

230pm:  The car dealership calls.  My car is ready.

3pm:  What?  3 o’clock already?  Only a half hour to get everything billed.

330pm:  Christi is out front.  Time to go.

4pm:  Got my car.  Hip hip hooray!

430pm: Wine store.

5pm:  Local pub. “I’m back!”

530pm:  Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

6pm:  So very happy!  Dinner is ready, and tomorrow, I am back to my routine.

The last day of September:  One of my favorite months is over. But tomorrow, well, tomorrow, I guess the cats will have to wait til 7am to eat.  And I will be back on my game.




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