Can someone change your life by sitting next to you?

I strolled into the pub, on a Saturday night.

A middle aged woman, single, in New Jersey.

Knew absolutely no one.

Living in a glass house.

At the peak of my career.

Ordered a drink and a sandwich.

Seemed like a safe place.

He strolled in.

Oh no! Please!  Do not let him sit next to me.

He did.

We said hello.

The bartender said:  Hey, watch yourself, Wolf.  You don’t know who you are dealing with.

Seems he was notorious.

Got to talking.

He said he lived with his mom.

He talked about mom, and I saw tears in his eyes.  She wasn’t well.

His eyes betrayed him.

Such a softie.

We left together, and shared a pizza.

And now he shares my life.

Almost 30 years later.

And I love him more every day.

Such a goof.

But so am I.

Is it fate?


Do we have our differences?


Do we share the same interests?

Some, but not all.

So what is it that keeps us together after all these years?

He is he and I am I.

And whenever we have a disagreement, I remind him of that Saturday in the pub: Please! Don’t let him sit next to me.




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