“I really don’t want to discuss my day, Minnie.  Let’s just leave it as this:  I have had better days.  I may even have had worse days.  But today was a day that defied reason.  It went on and on and on and on.”

“Come on, give me a taste of your day.”

“Ok. Just one and then let’s move on.  There was this sales guy. In 9 hours, I had 25 emails from him. I answered all of them, as best I could, but one was a real hoot:  Hey there! I need 100 brochures sent out today. Send them next day air. Ok?'”


“Hold your horses Minnie. I told him: “Uhm, I would be happy to accommodate, but we haven’t printed those brochures yet.:”


“So he says, ‘Oh, no problem. When they are printed, go to the machine, grab 100 and send them overnight.'”

“Go to the machine?”

“Yeah!  So I said, ‘It would be my pleasure to do that, but we don’t have any brochures printed yet.  And, as you know, those brochures have to be trimmed and bound.  We would be very happy to send them, but we don’t have any….yet.”


“So he says: No problem.  Just wait at the machine And send me tracking.”


“I say:  ‘Great.  Do you have an order number? You know, we need an order to ship brochures.’ He replies: We intend to order more,so just ship those 100, ok?'”

“What the hell?”

“To make a long story even longer, I asked Pat to take me out back to shoot me.”

“Oh for crazy.  Did she?”

“No. She said she had only one bullet and that was reserved for her.”

“So, did you get those brochures sent?”

“Shut up, Minnie. I sent one final email and told the sales guy:  Hello again! I feel like you and I are soul mates, since we are in constant communication.  I love your brochures. Brilliant! However, they are not printed yet.  I am looking forward to your emails on Monday, so you and I can spend half the day, responding to one another.  I am so sorry today is Friday and I will be half in the bag by the time you receive this.  Have a great weekend!  By the way, why don’t you place an order for those brochures this weekend?  If not, please call Jasmine on Monday.  She misses you!  xooxooxoxxxoxo




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