Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody out there?

(from the back left corner)  Candis:  “This is ridiculous.  I quit.”

(from the middle left corner) Pat:  ” I quit.”  And she left.  30 minutes later, “after going home and feeling bored, I knocked, knocked, knocked, knocked on heaven’s door, and guess what?  I am back.”

(from the front left corner) Erica:  “My tire is flat. %$@%@ @5@5@@ %@%@@@@ I quit.”

(from the front right corner) Beav:  Not a word was spoken. It was not necessary.  Phone slamming, a wild rush out to the warehouse, and 10 minutes later, “That’s it!  I quit.”

(from the middle right cube, the home of the queen and all knowing Wolf)  “Hey peeps!  Let’s have some dessert, before I quit.”

(from the middle cube in the front)  Annie: “There’s a mouse in the house.”

Shriek! shriek! shriek!

And then, to the rescue!  The pest control guy!  He stormed the place, with his canister of mouse juice, and banned the back right cube.  “No more food panty.”

No more food panty?  Don’t you mean food pantry?

Mr. pest control:  “Shut up, Pat, and shut down that food infested cube.”

So today, on the 7th day of October, the food pantry is once again vacant.

The question remains:  Hello, hello, hello, is there anyone out there?

And the mouse replied:  “I am.”

I hate a smart ass mouse.




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