“When you write your blog, are all your stories true?”

“Of course.  You think I could make up this stuff?”

“Some of them seem far fetched.”

“I would not put anything in writing that was not true.  Everything I write is a true story.”

“You know, Wolf, you have a tendency to exaggerate.”

“Me?  I wouldn’t call it exaggeration, more like embellishment.”

“Did Erica really steal that coat?  She says she didn’t.  And Annie backed her up.”

“Annie has her back, you idiot.  She believes everything Erica tells her, which is quite disturbing, since she never believes anyone else.  And besides, she refuses to be friends with us on facebook.  She won’t even be a friend to Erica, the coat stealer.”

“Does Kelly believe Erica?”

“Are you kidding?  Even if she did, she would never admit it.  She loves to ruffle Erica’s feathers.”

“What about the Beav?”

“The Beav?  Why discuss the Beav? The poor thing, running around in holy sweaters.  Or is it holey sweaters?”

“Do Candis and Pat believe Erica?”

“Let me put it this way:  Candis is wise.  She stays neutral, and just laughs, as she drives off in her key-less car.  And Pat? Ask her and she will say:  “Not now, Wolf.  Fudge bucket.  I really can’t take this anymore.  Can you all please just shut up?”

“And Jasmine?”

“She took the day off.  When she returns, Annie will stand on her tippy toes, looking over her cube, to tell Jas that she missed the inquisition. And that’s when Kelly and I will storm the cube and tell the truth.”

“What is the truth?”

“The truth? You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth.”

“Oh for crazy!”

“The truth is not important, Minnie.  Besides, it is boring.  I prefer the embellished truth.  And so does everyone else.  We love to see Erica go wild.”


“If you have ever seen Erica go wild, you would not ask why.  It’s our entertainment for the day,  And, above all, it’s where I get my inspiration for my blog.”




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