Hello, fellow employees, coworkers, comrades and zombies:

Halloween is coming.  Have you decided on your costume?

I took a survey today to see who will be wearing what…. and here are the results.

Pat:  Duct tape on her mouth.   Her costume?   The one and only shut up Pat.

Beaver:  A black sweater, with holes, and black pants.  Her costume?  A Beaver who chomped on her sweater and saved a tree.

Erica:  A black and white hounds tooth coat.  Her costume?  The blue bird of stolen happiness.

Candis: Halo, wings and horns.  Her costume?  The fallen angel.

Kathleen:  Baggy jeans.  Her costume?  The new Twiggy of 2014.

Liz:  A cape and a whip, along with red boots.  Her costume? Either Superwoman or Debbie does Dallas.

Bill, the new HR Manager: No costume necessary.  He is outrageous as himself.

Tara:  A green outfit, with pimples.  Her costume? What else?  A pickle.

Kelly:  A prom dress, and a sequined purse.  Her costume?  Honey boo boo.

Annie:  So sorry , but Annie is dead to us.  Costume: A non friend, on facebook.

Jasmine:  5 inch heels and a mini dress. Costume:  Who cares?  She looks great.

Pat:  (the nice Pat):  Cork in mouth:  Her costume?  An untapped spirit, until 5pm.

And Wolf?  She won’t say.  That damn Wolf.  She is such a drama queen.  But whatever her costume, it is bound to be crazy.





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