Thoughts on training:

Who learns more?  The trainer? or the trainee?

If you are the trainer, and the trainee doesn’t learn, whose fault is it?

Doing is better than watching.

Take baby steps.  Celebrate small successes. Be generous with your praise.

Expect set backs.  Encourage questions.  Practice patience.

It might be easier to step in and take over.  Don’t.

If plan A fails, remember that people do not always learn in the same way.  Vary your approach.

Focus on processes, not exceptions.

Know when it is time to take a time out. Don’t cram everything into a few days. Set a reasonable schedule and stick to it.

Review, review, review.

Cut the apron strings, when it is time, but remember to have an open mind, an open door and to be a continued source of support.

Training:  Whether you are the trainer or the trainee, it can be a stressful time, or an amazing realization, that knowledge shared is a wonderful thing.




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