Famous quotes of the week:  Who said it?

“It’s going to be a good day.  My bluebird is with me.”  10 minutes later:  “I quit.”

“Why did you make me eat that rice pudding? Now I have a belly ache.”

“Geez.  A Friday night, and I can’t even drink. Well, maybe I will limit it to one bottle of wine.”

“Oh my God!  There is  a mouse in the trap!”

“Get me those  chocolate sprinkles.  I am going to sprinkle them around E’s salad. Hey Pat, when she goes wild, can you go over to her desk and taste one?  If not, shut up!”

“Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?”

“Boobs?  Really?”

“Buns? What buns?  Oh yeah!  I love your buns. You have the best buns. Quite tasty.”

“The morning pot is ready.”

“No, I couldn’t possibly eat another thing.”  (walking to his office, carrying 15 pastelitos)

“Why can’t UPS deliver to the MGM in Vegas?  What do you mean, the place was demolished?”

“Question for you:  First, you still drinking wine?  Bear with me.  Humor me.  Where’s my #5@%%%@ order?  What? It was transferred to Columbus?  Question for you:  I’m a pain in the ass, aren’t I? Is LIz around?”

“I’m out back.  Where are you?”






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