How do you know when it has been a wild, tiring day?

You change into your jammies and notice you have been wearing 2 different socks.  And you don’t care.

Dinner? To hell with it.  Pizza never tasted so good.

The phone rings when you get home, and you don’t have the strength to pick up the receiver.

Your coworkers are silent, except for an occasional: “I quit.”

At 330pm, there is a mad rush for chocolate.

You start giggling for no reason, which eventually turns into hysteria.

You are so focused on your task, that when someone approaches your desk, you jump 3 feet into the air, hollering, “Hey, don’t ever sneak up on an old person, you pervert!”

Somebody says, “Happy Monday” and you beat them to a bloody pulp.

You forget how to use a cork screw, so you suck the cork.

The cats want to go out, and you know they won’t come back in for awhile, so you hand them the key to the front door.

There is a nagging pain in your ass, and you finally realize you are sitting on your earring.  You leave it there.  At least you will find it in the morning.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which is purported to be the busiest, most productive day of the work week.  If you don’t hear from me, either the cats lost my key, or I am in the ER, getting the earring removed.






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