Another week of great quotes:

“Where’s the cake?”

(Monday)  “That’s it:  No more eating junk food”  (Friday):  “That’s it, next week, no more junk food.”

“Are you wearing that Halloween vest and horns again?  You sure are a horny little devil.”

“The bird is the word.”

“I love a boss who shakes her boobs.”

“My grandson is the most talkative kid in day care.”  Really?  I wonder why.  Shut up, Pat.

“I’m cold.  Hey, Erica, can you steal a coat out of the donation bin for me?”

“Fair warning: Don’t approach nor poke the bear.  She is on a rant.”

“9am.  Out back”

“I have a sandwich in the refrig.  It’s been there for 2 weeks.  You think it is any good?”

9:30 am:  “It’s going to be a good day.”  940am:  “I quit.”





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