“Rah Rah, Hiss boom bah, I made it through Thursday, Ha ha ha!”


“Woke up late.  Yes, I heard the alarm, but I ignored it. Then the 2nd alarm kicked in.”

“You have 2 alarms?”

“Yup.  One is a clock and the other is a cat.”

“Did you have an easy, peaceful feeling at work?”

“Next question, please.”

“Not another one of those days.”

“Let’s just say, in the words of a famous song, ‘Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.'”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Let’s just say I was a rubber band, stretched to the limit.  Or maybe a balloon. Have you ever blown up a balloon beyond its capacity?  And then, a little boy showed up, a charming little critter.  His eyes lit up when he ate a cookie and paraded around the office, with enthusiasm.  He made me smile, and brought life back to perspective.  My attitude changed.  My rubber band flew out into space.  My balloon soared into the air, singing, ‘Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?'”

“Can you see if your little friend can come back tomorrow?”

“I doubt it, but I am going to suggest that we hire that little goof.”

“As what?”

“As the office mascot, or the master of reality checks, or maybe, as the chief motivator.”

“Oh for far fetched and crazy!”

“Yeah. I guess I will just wait til he grows up and marry him.”

“What the hell?”‘

“Sorry, Minnie, but I love that kid.”






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