Today is so windy that….

I had to make a trip to the grocery store, 5 miles away.  I got there without driving my car.

That extra hour of sleep?  Not with the house rattling and shaking.  I thought for sure, I had a hangover.  So I got up at 5am and poured a stiff one. A hair of the dog…

The cat wanted to go out.  I told him it was very windy.  He didn’t listen. When he got back, his fur was gone.

Instead of vacuuming, I opened the front door.  No more dust, but geez, all those leaves.

The umbrella on the patio flew out of its stand.  I saw it hovering around the neighborhood.  The state police showed up and shot it down.  Someone reported a UFO flying overhead.

I heard barking at the back door. It was Toto.

I fell off the toilet, again.  Damn that wind.

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right?  If life hands you a shaking house, make margaritas, without a blender.

It is now 3pm and the winds are still howling.  Thankfully, so am I.  Cheers everyone!  Don’t you just love November?





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