Woke up this morning, with a red moon in my eye.

Red was prevalent all day, even in my car.

What the hell is that little Genie lamp on the dashboard?  And why is it red?

Ate waffles with red jam for breakfast.

Garlic knots with red sauce for lunch.

Wore red panties.  Yes, they had a W on them, for Wednesday.

Had a head ache. Took a red pill.  @5@#%#%$^!  How did the cat’s meds get in my pill bottle?

Had an irresistible urge for catnip.  Do they make red catnip?

Went to Red Robin and ordered a cardinal.  Stalked that baby and ate him.

Felt the need to call Nicole Redd, to ask if her balls were red.

Drank 2 bloody marys at the pub.

Decided to get wild and used the forbidden cherry red paper in the printer.

Sat on a tomato, squashed it, and walked around all day with a red ass.

Looked in the mirror. My eyes are still red.  Geez. I think I will better get into detox.  I can’t take another red day.






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