The week in review:

There is a baby about to be born.

New vehicles don’t have ashtrays.

Dieting is scheduled…. for next week.

The Wolf dropped the f bomb, much to the amazement of her roomies.  When they expressed surprise, Wolf said, “Who the F told you that?”

Liam and Bibi survived another week.

A surprise visit from Chloe.

Sheila looked amazing at her son’s wedding.

Babs drove the Wolf to the funeral of her old car.

A boatload of work, and very little time for frivolity.

Last year, dentures and cat food, today, a delivery of kinky pants, to a client.

Karissa joined the “I quit” club.  Welcome aboard.

Wine or bacon anyone?  Just ask Candis.

Pat will still not shut up.

Kelly’s birthday.  She had a whale of a time.

E’s pastor is scheduling an exorcism, of the evil twin.

An old gent told Wolf he liked her polar bear hat, remarking, “My granddaughter has one just like it.”  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Pat and Terry winterized their hives. Bees, that is.

The mouse ate my last snickers bar.  Dana was pissed.

Fatima’s daughters are delightful, and so very precocious.

No more mini skirts for the Wolf.   What?  Only 3 inches above the middle of the knee.  Oh no way!  I am too hot for that.


Have a wonderful weekend!






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