Things I have learned in the past 50 + years:

Do not put q tips in your ears.

If you have an opportunity, go with your heart.

Dogs are loyal, some people are not.

If you dislike someone, it is probably because they are just like you.

Worldwide peace will never happen.

Giving and sharing are the greatest rewards.

Sugar is addictive. One bite and you can’t stop.

Soul mates are rare.  And if you find yours, there will be days when you doubt it.

Everyone does not mature gracefully.  Some of us never grow up.

Tolerance is not necessarily acceptance.

No one will ever replace your mother.

Material things come with a price.

A job is not a career.

Fame often destroys, from within.

A life of leisure is not what life is all about.

Don’t bite your fingernails.  Or toenails, either.

Meditation is the key to spirituality.

Kindness is never phony.

Listen, more than you talk.

There is nothing in this world that can compare to music.

Face your fears.

Reading can be as stimulating as a vacation.

Get outside.  Look at nature.  There is nothing more beautiful nor amazing.

Be generous with your praise of others.

Seek out those who are lonely.

And most of all, laugh at yourself.  Remember: Most of us are goofs.










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