Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who the hell is that?

What about your voice?  You record your message on your voice mail, and think:  OMG.  What the hell?

You see a dress on the internet, order it, and when you get it, you try it on.  Hideous!

Someone posts a picture of you on facebook.  No way. That can’t be me.

Your class reunion is full of old people.  What happened to them?

Hair cut time.  I want that cut I found in the magazine.  Geez.  I need a new hair dresser.

Stretch jeans:  Oh yeah. I can gain 10 lbs and they will still fit.  Too bad they won’t zip up.

A group photo.  Everyone looks great, except me.  Lousy photographer.

Obit column.  Ms Jane Doe, died after a long life.  89 years old.  And the photo of Jane is from her high school year book.

You are constantly referred to as Miss Wolf.  Or Ma’am.  Or worse, a senior citizen.

AARP no longer sends you correspondence.  Hey!  We thought you died.

The only music you really like is from the 80s.

The clerk at the liquor store says, “Can I see your ID?”  and then laughs his ass off.

You think you should dye your hair, to look younger.  What’s attractive about an old goat with blue hair?

Age is only a number.  Who are you kidding?

You go to work.  And show up.  You are early.  You try to log in on your computer, and you forgot your password.  By the time the help desk gets you back on line,  and resets your password, several times, it is time to go home.

Where are my car keys?  Where are my glasses?  Where are my socks?  Where is my lunch?  Damn it.  I ate my socks, am wearing my lunch, sat on my glasses and don’t have a car.



Have a great week!






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