Emotions on a Thursday:


Concerned:  Jasmine’s father.

Joy:  Liz, on her way to Colorado.

Relief:  Thanks, Kelly and Ozzie.

Silly:  Love my horny hat.

Amusement:  Erica and Beaver, at it again.

Happy:  It’s Jim’s birthday! Love you!

Skeptical:  Is 4 wheel drive really that good in the snow?

Frustration:  3 more days to meet a deadline.

Guilt:  I stole Scott from MCat.

Sadness:  Goodbye and good luck, Cheryl.

Sympathy:  The cat wants to go out, only if I will stop the snow.

Anger: How does a pub run out of wine?

Regret:  I didn’t take Jacy nor Pat out back to shoot them.

Admiration:  Lisa and Lynne, you are awesome.

Cynicism:  Is there a reason I continue to go out on a limb?  Am I a squirrel?

Contentment:  A tough day, but I made it.

Pride:  Good job, Pat.  Now just shut up.

Bewilderment:  Will the real Candis please stand up?

Appreciation:  Thanks, Heather.  I think we are going to make it.

Anticipation:  Tomorrow is Friday, and another opportunity to have a great day!




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