Hump day: ( Also known as animal day)

Pat saw dogs, humping, on her way to work.  Hey, Pat!  Shut up!

Beaver had to leave early to take Liam and Bibi to the Vet.  Sure hope they are ok.

The mouse ate up Jasmine’s bag, in her desk.

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving luncheon celebration at work:  Ham, Turkey and pork.

The geese were out in droves tonight, honking their asses off, as they flew towards Florida.  May the blue geese of happiness poop on Mandy’s head.

Ryan hit a deer on his way to work.  And he is busy tonight, making jerky.

There was a wild bear sitting on the picnic bench, smoking a joint.

A bar fly had 2 glasses of wine tonight at the pub.

Cats used the kitty litter today.  Huh? Are you kidding?  You really can’t expect me to go out in 20 degree weather!

Jess wore her beaver hat.

Barb and Pat had Chinese for lunch.  Meow.

A chicken hawk swooped down on Banana’s dog, but he was too fat to carry off. So he settled for a small cow.

A pig got loose.  He was on the run.  He put on lipstick, to disguise himself.  He only fooled himself.

There is a house in New Orleans.   Who sang it?

Let’s do something wild:  How about a trip to the zoo?  Sounds good.  See you all in the morning.  Welcome to the jungle!








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