We all have our strengths.

We all have our weaknesses.

We all have our breaking point.

Some of us don’t know when to quit.

Some of us never start.

It is quite amazing how much or how little we will put up with, before we move on.

What does it take to become secure?

Who are you kidding?

No one is ever really secure.

Wake up on an ordinary day, and fate intervenes.

What is it in the human spirit that believes we can beat the odds?

The young believe they have a lifetime ahead of them.

The old hang onto their memories.

You find the perfect mate, the perfect house, the perfect job.  The mate dies, the house blows away, you lose your job.

So now what?

You are left with you.

You don’t want to go on, but you do.

You rise from the ashes, and slowly recreate yourself.

You are bruised and battered, and sometimes bitter.

The world goes on.

What happened to your dreams?

You roll up into a fetal state and give up.

Or you look beyond yourself, shake it off and find those who need your help.

You find a new purpose, a new path, and a new you.

The world becomes an adventure.

The human spirit is stronger than you ever imagined.

You give and you receive.

You meditate and give thanks to your higher power.

And you give it your best shot.

You survive, for another day.

It’s all any of us have:  Today.  Now.  This minute.

Tomorrow?  Who knows?

Life is like that:  A constant challenge.

Would you have it any other way?





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