“Wow!  Thanksgiving is a busy day.  All that preparation and cooking and then in 15 minutes, it’s a mad dash to the couch.”

“Yeah, and then all the dishes, and where in the heck do you put those leftovers?”

“I’m exhausted, just thinking about it.”

“But the best part are the turkey sandwiches the next day.”

“Yes! With cranberry sauce.”

“Maybe you should have reconsidered and cooked this year, Wolf.”

“I bought turkey from the deli.  If you want a sandwich, go get it, girl.”

“Don’t you feel a little bit sad that you didn’t slave over the bird, dressing and the trimmings all day?”

“Heck no!  It took me 30 minutes to get dinner together:  prime rib roast, baked potatoes and asparagus, all in one roaster, in the oven.  And 90 minutes later, it was ready and delicious.  No leftovers, the dishes are done, and I am relaxing with a bottle of wine.”

“What kind of Thanksgiving is that?”

“It’s what I call a new tradition, Minnie.  If you have watched the news lately, the president pardoned a turkey.  I have a feeling after all those turkeys were cooked today, turkeys might be an endangered species.  I am protecting the environment.”

“Are you saying you will never roast another turkey?”

“Heck no. The grocery stores will be selling the left over birds at half price this week.  Let’s have one next Sunday.”




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