A vacation:

Sometimes, an exotic destination.

The opportunity to work around the house, tending to those neglected tasks.

Perhaps visiting friends and family.

Scheduling appointments that are overdue.

Preparing for the holidays.

Long walks and bubble baths.

Getting pampered.

Shopping when the stores aren’t crowded.

Attending a special occasion.

Sleeping until you feel like getting up.

Or can it be like my vacation?

Up at 5am every day.

To hell with that “to do” list.

Bombarded with calls and emails from health care providers.

Walk?  It snowed.  And it’s cold.  Give me my robe.

Appointments?  No way.  Later, gator.

Holiday preparation?  Hell, I still have the a few angels and snowmen on the table from last year.

Shopping?  The liquor store was jammed.

Exotic destinations?  Oh yeah.  Trips from my computer chair to the refrig.

Pampered?  Not me, my cats.

Are you thinking:  She blew it, wasted a week of bliss, to do whatever she felt like doing?


And I would do it again.









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