There is something in the human spirit that is so rare, that when you see it, you know it is special.

A young girl, and mother, first day on the job, so full of enthusiasm and confidence.

A casual conversation of 10 minutes, outdoors led to an instant bonding.

What’s your name?  Bianca.

How do you like your job?  I love it.

You really need a coat.  When I get my first paycheck, I will get a coat.

You work too late to catch the bus?  Talk to your supervisor, and let her know you really need to get out by 7 to catch the last bus.

Your steel toed boots are too heavy?  Check out mine.  They are great, light weight and comfy.  Really!

Nice meeting you.  By the way, what size coat do you wear?

Second day on the job:

Bianca now has 4 coats, courtesy of the giving nature of my amazing coworkers.

I ran into her this afternoon.

How’s it going?  Great.  My lead asked me if I had done this work before.  She said I am a natural.

What about the bus?

My supervisor changed my hours, so I can catch the last bus.

Good to see you again.

By the way, thank everyone for the coats.  I love them.

Bianca:  Our newest employee.

I can’t wait until she meets my coworkers.

Her spirit will capture their hearts, as it has already captured mine.






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