Quotes of the week:

Does Karissa hate me?  Yes, she does.

Why is it when I go into church I am the good twin, and when I come to work, that evil twin emerges?

Hello gorgeous.  I was talking to Kelly, Pat.

Ha ha!  I am off Friday.  (temporary amnesia:  Hey, you goof, you have to take Granny to the doctor).

I put up my Christmas decoration:  A sign:  It says Ho Ho Ho.  And next to it, is a picture of MCat.  Ho Ho Ho!

My dog loves the tree.  He sleeps under it.  So cute!  Next day: My dog loves the tree.  He is knocking all the ornaments off.  One more day:  That damn dog.  I can’t get into the Christmas spirit, now that my dog is destroying my tree.

Bah Humbug. (Pat, of course)  I hate Christmas.  One minute later, the snowflakes above Pat’s desk fall down and knock her socks off.

8am:  It’s going to be a good day.  805am:  I quit.  Oh oh, the first one to quit today gets a muffin in her drawer.  For the mouse, of course.

I have been trying to reach you for an hour.  Where were you?  Hey, knock it off.  I had to make an emergency run on my lunch hour.  Oh?  Like what?  To the new liquor store, you idiot.

Meeting time:  Pat is making faces and gestures.  What?  What now?  That goofy hat of yours.  The tassels  are hitting your sweater in just the right spots.  It looks like pasties.  Shut up, Pat, as Wolf twirls her pasties. Now, if only she could shake her boobs like Liz can.


Have a great weekend everyone!







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