“I love Sundays.  I can sleep in and rest.”

“You can.  Not me.  The cat has a new act.  At 3am, he walks all over me, and lays on the top of my head, and hogs the whole pillow, until I get up.”

“Geez, Wolf, after 12 years, that cat is finally bonding with you.”

“Now he is stalking me, just staring, never blinking, and licking his chops.”

“Feed that beast.”

“I did.  He ate everything. He must have a feeding frenzy going on.”

“He is acting a little goofy.”

“Yesterday, I walked out to the kitchen and glanced at the toaster and there he was, sitting on the counter, in back of the toaster, with that crazed look in his eyes.”

“Maybe he wanted toast.”

“Well, he scared the @5@%^^$^ out of me. I never expected a pair of eyes looking at me from the back of the toaster.”

“Where is he now?”

“At the front door.  As soon as I open it, he will walk to the back door, taking his time, nibbling at the dry food.”

“I hear him crying.”

“Yup.  Go ahead.  Open the back door.  He won’t go out.”

“What the heck is wrong with him?”

“When the front door is open, he feels the cold and wind, and wants it to be warm.  So he goes to the back door, thinking it will be better there.  So he tries it again.  There he is, at the front door.  I am ignoring him.”

“Hey, he just jumped up on the computer desk, and is swatting you.”

“Ok. take a lesson in cat psychology.  I am telling him, ‘No. You can’t go out. No. No. No.'”

“Why won’t he stop that incessant crying?”

“Watch:  I am going to the front door, reluctantly.  I say ‘All right. But be careful.  And no fighting.'”

“Uhm, Wolf, It didn’t work.  He is at the back door again.”

“You know what?  That damn cat is driving me wild.  I think I will just give it up and take a nap.”

“Sorry, Wolf.  He beat you to it.  He is in bed, hogging your pillow.”






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