“Well, I started my diet today.”

“How was it?”

“Let’s just say it was everything I expected it to be.  Lousy.”

“You actually went a whole day without sugar and carbs?”

“Yes, Minnie.  It was one of the longest days of my life.  I got so hungry at 4pm, I ate a banana, and the damn thing was delicious.”

“You don’t like bananas.”

“I did today.”

“I see you even made supper tonight.  Salmon?”

“Yes, loaded with garlic and lemon.  Can you believe that I actually cooked?  Dieting takes a real effort.  It’s a lot more difficult than the American way, the take out, drive through society.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, just waiting for you, already prepared.  No fuss, no stress, and always delicious.  Have you ever seen the people at the “all you can eat” specials?  5 orders of gooey wings or massive prime rib?  When they leave, they have a glazed look in their eyes.  But they always think they got their money’s worth.  More is better.  Instant gratification.  I guess that is why buffets are so popular.”

“One day and you are the cynic?”

“Has it only been one day?”

“Do you think you will last very long on this dieting craze?”

“Who knows?  It will be a tug of war.  Will I live to eat? Or eat to live?  Either way, it will drive me to drink, thank goodness.”





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