“It was so beautiful today, Minnie.  The snowflakes dropping lightly, fluttering, at first and then picking up momentum, until everything was covered with flaky down.”

“What the hell? It was a cold, blustery, miserable day.”

“Tis the season, Minnie. Winter. Some say it is the most brutal time of the year, but that depends on your frame of mind.”

“Face it, Wolf, as you get older, you dread the cold, ice and snow.  We oldies long for a more gentle climate, where we don’t have to drive 4 wheel drive gas guzzlers, shovel snow and face the brutal winds.  Haven’t we earned the right to bask in the sunlight, lay back and order those exotic drinks by the pool, and wear our speedos?”

“There is nothing more brutal, Minnie, than seeing a senior citizen in a speedo.  Besides, if you are lucky enough to have a warm coat, a hat, and gloves, and a shovel, winter can be beautiful.  If the snow piles up and you can’t go anywhere, so what?  Wait it out. Where are we going, anyway?  And when we get there, will anyone else be there?  Winter has a way of slowing us down, of giving us a break from our normal routine, and silently screaming to us, to give ourselves a break, and to enjoy the storm.”

“Are you saying that winter is your favorite season, Wolf?”

“No.  But I would miss it, if I didn’t experience it.”

“What is your favorite season?”

“The one that is happening now.  It just happens to be winter.  And I am living through another season.  What more could I ask?”

“You could opt for a 3 season climate, retire, and live a life of comfort.”

“Dream on, Minnie.  And if that is what you want, go for it. I have lived in many states, in my lifetime, and none compare to the wondrous, amazing, 4 seasons of Pennsylvania.  It is beautiful whether it is summer, winter, spring or fall.”

“Come on, Wolf. Nobody likes winter.  Most of us are counting the days til spring.”

“I used to  But not anymore.  This year, I will make angels in the snow, have snowball fights and build snowmen.  And savor every moment. ”

“Why, Wolf, why?”

“Isn’t that what life is all about? What you think you can control may be an illusion.  You can only be in control when you give up control.  So, it’s winter.  So what?  Either enjoy it or be miserable.  And when spring rolls around, you may just miss those challenging wintry days.”





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