Oh yes.  A day off.  Very relaxed.  Quite mellow.

Slept til 6am.  What the hell?

Lined up my meds.  5 pills?   Only old people take 5 pills.

Heard the news.  Not another shooting.

Got a UPS delivery.  Shoot! Wrong address.  Now I have to get dressed in my brown outfit and re-deliver to my neighbor.

Let’s have breakfast.  Soft boiled eggs and frozen toast.

Where did all these wine glasses come from?

Visitor at the door, with his dog.  Hungry as hell.

Hair looking like a rooster.

I better get dressed, after I wash those damn wine glasses.

Can’t make the bed.  Cat is in there.

Might as well go shopping.

It’s what?  3pm? Where did the day go?

Need my vitamin C.

Screw drivers, doubles.

Found a crazy santa hat. Bought it.

Never go shopping half in the bag.

What did I accomplish today?

Nothing and every thing.

It was a day to remember.


I don’t know.  It just was.

And tomorrow?

I hope it mirrors today, after I wash those damn wine glasses.  Where did they come from?






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