“Want a cookie, Wolf?”


“How about an éclair?”

“Uh uh.”

“Can I tempt you with a chocolate bon bon?”

“No. But I am thinking about having an orange later on.”

“An orange?  What the hell?   Boring.  I could go for some nachos, loaded with cheese and sour cream.”

“Go for it, Minnie.  I couldn’t eat another thing.”

“You know, Wolf, this diet of yours is killing me.  Don’t you crave your old habits?”

“They aren’t that old, Minnie.  I only started this diet 10 days ago, and already, I have new cravings.”

“No one can change that quickly.  Are you sneaking candy in the middle of the night?”

“I never realized what I was eating,  mostly sugar and carbs, and how it was affecting me.  I was the poster child for the sugar plum fairy.  I ate what looked good and never looked back.  Pizza?  Hell yes!  Cherry turnovers? Of course.  Hoagies?  One of my staples.  Pecan pie?  Can I have 2 pieces?”

“Just what did you eat today, anyway?”

“2 soft boiled eggs, a slice of whole grain toast, for breakfast, and a portabella mushroom stuffed with crab meat, for dinner.  Delicious!”

“I think I liked you better when you trudged in from work, carrying honey barbecue wings, garlic knots, and a dozen dunkin donuts.  And after we ate, you were wild and hyper, until you crashed about an hour later.”

“I haven’t changed, Minnie.  I am still hyper and wild.  That’s my personality.  I just feel a little more leveled out.  Is that a word? Leveled?   I used to laugh and make fun of those health nuts, who watched what they ate.  I am hardly a health nut, but I am convinced that there is truth to the old saying:  You are what you eat.”

“But, Wolf, it’s the holiday season.  Who goes on a diet 12 days before Christmas?”

“Sorry, Minnie, but I don’t consider it a diet.  Besides, I am looking forward to the festive dinner at Christmas. Let’s do it up big, with red and green food.”

“Lasagna?  Green bean casserole?  Fruit cake?”

“No, more like red peppers and cucumber, in oil and vinegar.”




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