“You get anything accomplished today, Wolf?”

“Of course not.”

“You sure are a lazy son of a b, on your vacation.”

“Yes, that I am.”


“It takes me several days, Minnie, to settle down and relax.  I call it clearing my mind.”

“Seems like you are going from one extreme to another.”

“That’s me:  A study in extremism.  For the first few days, I was up at 5am.  Now, I am sleeping til 10am.  I lay around like a beached elephant, meditating, and eating salads.”

“Elephants aren’t beached.  And they don’t eat salads.  Just how do you know they meditate?”

“I happen to be an expert on elephants.  They love the beach, eat trees, and are quite reflective.  Haven’t you seen an elephant just before it is ready to attack?  They are usually on their knees, with a circus hat on, and have that glazed look in their eyes, before they storm you and beat the hell out of you with their trunks.”

“Oh for crazy.”

“Elephants would prefer to be in the wild, but they have to make a living, somehow, so they join the circus.”

“Now that sounds exactly like you.”

“And after a lengthy career, putting on a circus act, they try to escape.  And when they do, they lay around, and clear their minds.  And you know what else they do?”


“Whatever they want to do, but mostly nothing.”

“But what would the circus be like without them?”

“Who knows?  But don’t worry, the circus starts again next week.  And the missing elephant will be back.”



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