Have you ever….

Gone grocery shopping , got hungry and had an urge for something you didn’t buy?

Received your favorite candy for a present when you are on a diet?

Run into an “old friend” at the mall, carried on a conversation, and for the life of you, can’t remember who the hell it was?

Been carded at the liquor store at age 60+?  And you can’t find your ID?

Vowed never to feed another stray cat, and now that cat lives with you?

Gone wild when a spider or stink bug gets in your house, but you accept lady bugs?

Needed to make an emergency call and your cell phone is dead, so you tried to find a public coin phone?

Tried to make a purchase on line, with your credit card, and the 3 numbers on the back of your card, had rubbed off?

Looked in your sock drawer and nothing matches?  Or your jewelry box, and you can only find one of each earring?

Wrote a scathing email and sent it to the wrong person?  Or wrote a scathing email and sent it to the right person?

Put on mascara, your eye started itching, and you had no choice but to scratch it, and look freakish for the rest of the day?

Walked around the office all day with your zipper down?

Watched the movie, Christmas Vacation, so many times, you know every punch line?  Squirrel!!!

Laughed about your pets who love a routine, and you take the same seat in every meeting, the same pew in church, and write a ridiculous blog every night?







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