“Another holiday week coming up.  Ready for the new year, Wolf?”

“I suppose you are hinting around at my resolutions. Right?”

“Well, just wondering if you planned to step it up a notch and get yourself straightened out.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You are a mess, Wolf.  I do have a few suggestions.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“First of all, quit working so late every day.  It isn’t healthy for an elderly person to hang out at work til all hours of the night.  Can’t you learn to say no, and quit at a decent hour?”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Then, can you please limit your wine consumption to the weekends?  You throw down a few glasses and before long, you are blogging away, writing ridiculous nonsense.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Finally, I really think you need a wardrobe makeover.  Get rid of those silly hats, that are made for pre school children.  You are the laughing stock of the universe.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Geez.  That was easier than I thought.  How about starting tomorrow, Wolf?”

“Tomorrow?  I can’t possibly start tomorrow.”

“Why not?”

“I plan to work late, stop by the liquor store for some wine, and write my blog.”

“Could you at least,  please not wear that silly polar bear hat?”

“That I can do, Minnie.  It’s Monday tomorrow.  I always wear my penguin hat on Mondays.”

“Why, may  I ask, do you have to work late tomorrow?”

“If you haven’t caught on yet, Minnie, you never will.”


“Never mind.  However, I do have a serious resolution that I intend to keep.”


“I am hell bent on it, Minnie.  I intend to immerse myself in learning, to better myself.”

“You are going back to school?”

“Something like that.  I am studying to pass the bar exam.”







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