Is truth stranger than fiction?

Consider this:

It was the only Friday in history that no one said, “Thank God, it’s Friday.”  Most of us felt like it was Monday.

MCat is drinking vegetable smoothies, without Jack.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch a giant peep fall.    Eat your heart out, NYC.

I received a surprise package today:  2 hilarious hats:  A Viking hat and a chicken butt hat.  Who could ever top that?

Our 1:45pm meeting lasted 20 seconds.  A world record?

The back room is in the throes of a nasty virus:  All those days off and no baking cookies, no sipping wine and no partying. It’s a lot more fun when everyone is hung over, and ordering breakfast.

Day 2 of the new year:   So much for resolutions:  Erica’s evil twin has resurfaced.

Pat had an MRI.  The results?  Excessive talking.  See?  Shut the hell up, Pat.

Only 6 phone calls today.  Does everyone have a virus?

A 5 day work week next week:  Now that is the strangest truth of all.








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