Back to work. Monday.  The holidays are over.

Tough getting back into my game.

Brutally windy and cold.  Checked my penguin hat’s label:  Recommended for people 10 years and older.  I guess that means it is ok.  I am older.

Somebody brought in candy:  lots of it.  Geez, that fudge looked good.  I saw my hand reaching out to take one, and I slapped the $@@%@%% out of it, and ate a clementine instead.

Received 2 very precious gifts today:  Home made chicken soup from Pat.  She makes the best!  And a very sweet note from a former sales associate, wishing me a happy New Year, and thanking me for my support in 2014.  I love that crusty munchkin.  I think Liz and I are the only 2 people who appreciate and love him.

Wore my grizzly bear coat.  Hey, Jacy!  Thank you for the warmest coat ever.  I especially love the hood.

Moved hundreds of files out of the office into the warehouse.  A mindless job, that has to be done every year.  At least it keeps my mind off of that fudge.  My arms and hands are sore.  Who said filing is easy?  And those bottom drawers are inhumane.

Stopped at my watering hole after work. Left after one drink.  I could hardly wait to get home, change into my flannels, and hug a cat.   And warm up Pat’s chicken soup.

There is something about January, after the holidays, that brings me back to reality, and long for warmth and comfort.

And I noticed that it was a little bit lighter tonight, as I left work.  Was it the full moon?  My imagination?  Or could it be that spring is closer every day?







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