It snowed today.

I decided to leave early for work.

Nothing plowed.

Traffic should be light.


Lots of cars slipping and sliding.

Focused on the snow.

It was really quite beautiful.

Turned up the radio.

I’m on a highway to hell.

Hey, girl, you aren’t driving your old Focus anymore.

Felt safer, but still cautious.

Happily, arrived at work with no incidents.

Still snowing.

Winter weather advisory.

Decided to clean off the car and go on a beer run at noon.

When did I ever venture out at noon on a snowy day?

Whoever thought I would be driving around in snow, while on a low sugar/carb diet?

Where have you been?  We were worried about you.  (the girls in the back room)

Who am I?

Who? Who? Who?

Just a small town girl, living in a small town world, facing her fears and having a small victory.

So who cares?

I do.

And for today, that is enough for me.



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