Quotes of the week:

Is Jasmine crazy?  or what?

Come on , Booboo.  Please!

I can tell you lost weight.  Your face is not as fat.

My mother used to skin and gut ground hogs.

This account has changed my attitude forever.  I used to be the princess.  Oh wait, I still am.

Don’t come to work if you have a fever or are puking. 0r if you died.

I see the fudge, in the bag.  I walk by.  I touch it.  I carry it to meetings. I love you, fudge. Damn it!

It takes the old goats to make things happen around here.

You pulled that one out of your hat.  Or was it out of your penguin butt?

Hello.  My name is Carol.  I am an alcoholic.  And I intend to remain an alcoholic.  By the way, I am half in the bag.

We hosed up the holes.  Is that acceptable?  Nobody likes a hosed up hole. Punch a few more until you get it right.

Did they forget they used to work here?

I am taking Thursday and Friday off.  No, I am taking Monday off.  No, I quit.

You went where?  To the post office?  And you came back alive?  Was Carl there?

Enjoy your weekend, as you freeze your ass off.












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