Expected a mild day today.

Freezing rain, instead.

Lots of accidents.

Feeling groggy from the Irish Wake last night.

Decided to get some protein, fixed turkey and cheese pitas.

And tonight, whipped up tacos, and loaded them with hamburger, cheese, salsa and sour cream.

Had that empty feeling, and tried to fill it with food.

Now I am full, but still empty.

I wonder:  Which is more painful?  Physical or emotional pain?

Then I remembered, today was supposed to be a mild day  But we had freezing rain, instead.

We wake up with expectations, and in reality, there is little we can do to change those things that are beyond our control.

We learn to accept, eventually, but the process has its own agenda, and cannot be hurried.

For now, my pain and sorrow are crushing me, but I need to live through it, and to feel it.

I looked outside.  The freezing rain has stopped.  Fog is moving in.  I can’t wait for the sun.  Maybe tomorrow?




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