“Are you ready, Wolf?”

“For what, Minnie?”

“For going back to your normal life.”

“I believe I am.  I heard we might get some snow this week, so I found an old pair of boots.  They must be at least 20 years old.”

“What the hell?  You aren’t going to wear those old tan boots, are you?”

“Yes, I am.  And my chicken butt hat.”

“You know, you could take this opportunity to grow up a little, and act dignified.”

“Actually, I resolve to be more crazy than ever.  I am tired of being sad. It rattles my bones and shakes my balls.”

“Oh for crazy!”

“Exactly.  I love crazy.”

“How do you think you will hold up when your friends ask you how you are doing?”

” Of course, I will thank them for their sympathy and for comforting the old goat.  I think I will tell them I am doing fine.  I am alive, I am back on my game, and break out in song:  Don’t cry for me, Argentina.  Cry instead for Green Bay and Indy.”

“Seriously, are you really ok?”

“I have lost a husband, a mother, father, nephew, 3 brothers, aunts, friends, and now a sister.  I am no stranger to loss.  They say, “only the good die young”,  so I believe I will experience a lot more losses, in my life.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do about that?”

“No, we are all candles in the wind.  And as long as I am here, I intend to burn out the day and to burn out the night.”

“While you are burning, Wolf, can’t you at least do me one favor?”


“Buy some new boots.”





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