Oh baby, baby, it’s a wild world.  It’s  hard to get by on just a smile.

But smile, I did.

One thing after another.

I saw stress in those who normally are cool cats, even MCat.

Stress, triggered by that fine line that defines failure over success, winning over losing, or finding a common ground, that satisfies expectations, cemented in the final exchange, with a smile.

So many agendas, each one with its own desired outcome.

It’s so much easier to stand your ground, to rely on old and tired traditions, to get into the battle, and put your own interests above all others.

But it is the art of negotiation, of compromise and the willingness to look beyond the obvious, that separates excellence from mediocrity.

You have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them…..

It’s been said:  “Don’t take it personally”, but our egos and our beliefs can, and often, get in the way of finding a common ground and a solution to a seemingly overwhelming situation.

Yes, baby, it is a wild world.  And there are those nagging problems, every day, that surface, leading us to arch our backs and put up our dukes, and take on those who do not see our point of view.

Let me tell you:  It ain’t worth it.  When you put yourself and your pride,  above the needs of others,  you just might find yourself some day, without others.

At the end of this wild day, as I look back, it was very successful.  Values were not compromised, and solutions were found. And I ended the day on a smile.






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