“Did you learn anything this week, Wolf?”

“As they say, Minnie, one is never too old to learn. Of course I did.”

“Ok, so name 10 things you learned.”

“First,  never believe it when the forecast is for 2 inches of snow.  How about 8?  And if 8 inches had been predicted,  the storm would have taken a path out to sea, and we would not see a flake.”

“Next:  100% cotton paper stock is outrageously expensive.  If I received a letter on that paper, would it matter if it was 100% cotton or not?  Besides, who gets letters these days?”

“Number 3:  A slice of pizza can be a taste of heaven, especially, after dieting.”

“4:  When you observe a raucous, outspoken, irreverent team, in the work place, you can be sure there is trust and love.”

“Moving on to number 5:  Always have something special to look forward to.  In May, MCat and I will be on our way to a vacation in the Northland.  Hey, Minnesota, are you ready for us?”

“Now, number 6:  A cat in heat is curiously affectionate.  Well, Ok, not so curious.”

“Number 7:  Never schedule a roofing replacement in January.  Good luck, guys, more snow on Monday.”

“8:  If your job is considered overhead, you better produce, to justify your existence.  And give credit and thanks to the production crew.”

” 2 to go:  Number 9:  Take risks.  Accept responsibility.  Go for it.  If things work out, great.  If not, well, who knows?  Depends on how much you screwed up.”

“And finally, number 10:  Do something ridiculous every day and make others laugh.  It’s a lot of fun, and it will either identify you as an idiot, or a crazed individual,  and who can resist an incurably crazed idiot?”




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