A normal Sunday?

Got up early.  Geez. The snow is still there.  What the hell?

Drank too much coffee.  Shake, shake, shake, senora.

Hungry as a bear.  Ate a bowl of cereal.  Kashi.  Awful stuff.

Peeked out the front door.  Yup.  Car is loaded with snow.

Found an old pair of klunker boots and headed out.

It was, dare I say it, warmish?  I must be crazy thinking 38 degrees is warmish.

Decided to make a trek to the grocery store.  What a mad house.

Not one empty cart left in the store.  And those that had them, were playing bumper cars.  Panic in the eyes of the shoppers, no smiles.

Well, I got a few smiles, when they noticed my penguin hat and cougar coat.

Checked out:   $80.95.  Hey, I have a gift card from my co workers.  Total bill:   $.95.  Thanks, everyone!

Felt somewhat stressed, after that wild zoo.

Had to stop for a double to calm my nerves.

Got home, baked stuffed peppers and got in my jammies.

Heard the weather report:  A possibility of snow, anywhere from one inch to 16 inches.  Now, what the hell kind of forecast is that?

Thinking of having some wine:  A strong probability of one glass to 16 glasses.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!






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