All righty now:  A winter storm warning is in your area, for today and tomorrow.

Did you get to the store?  If not, the bread and milk are gone.

What do you mean you don’t eat bread?  Everyone eats bread, in a storm.

Could you concentrate on your job today?  Or did you even bother to show up?  Remember: Forecasters are never wrong.

Did you find yourself cursing your existence in the Northland?  And seriously consider a move to Florida or Arizona?  But you can’t go, because you are snowed in?

Do you long for a trip to New York City?   Well, forget it.  The city that never sleeps is sleeping.  And probably will be for several days. I wonder if the naked cowboy is still naked today.

In Boston, the snow balls are deflating.  And they can’t park their cars…. at least not on the streets.

Philly flyers fans?  Forget about flying.  Flights are cancelled.

Think Chicago is the windy city?  You haven’t been to Warwick, RI, lately, have you?

Talked to some friends in Wisconsin today.  They haven’t had much snow.  They sent their condolences, with a sigh of relief, that they don’t live in the North East.

Had to wear boots today.  I found a grizzled pair of boots that must have belonged to Frankenstein.  I looked hot in them.  Hey!  At least they didn’t leak.

Customers wanted to know if we would be working tomorrow.  None of those customers lived east of the Mason Dixon line.

Where ever you live, Mother Nature kicks ass from time to time.

You can’t do much about it.  Oh, yeah, they say:  Prepare for the worst.  Get a generator, a fire place and a snow blower.  And don’t forget the batteries.

At least I have the batteries.







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