Hump day quotes:


I need an intervention.

My pastor cancelled church this week.  Mother of God, watch out for me tomorrow.

Hey, crazy cart lady!

Do not, I repeat, do not poke the bear.

Hello?  This is the police department calling.  (Oh no, now what did I do?)

Give me a double.  Make it two.

Go ahead. Say it.  Say shut up Pat.  Ok. Shut up, Pat!

Gran was prepped for surgery.  They decided to postpone it for 2 weeks. Gran got dressed, and guess what? She is going to bingo tonight.

There’s way too much color in that pdf. Ridiculous!  And you know what? My son’s coach scheduled a basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday.  And, by the way, I could really go for a hot dog.

Hey, baseball, need anything?  Yeah, a hot dog.

I need to find a job where I can take my dog to work.

That’s it!  No more ordering lunch.  My jeans are too tight.  Naw, it’s a winter thing.  All jeans shrink in the winter.

Speaking of jeans, now that we can wear them this week, I think every day is Friday. @5@%@%5@!  It is only hump day!

The bear is now “pokable”….. to a point.

That fragrance?  What is it?  Someone is smoking pot in here.


Hump away!




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