“Yikes, Minnie.  I froze my keister off going shopping today.”

“Keister?  Where did you come up with that word?”

“I happen to have a phenomenal vocabulary.  But that’s not the point.  I drove through hell to get to the store.”

“What?  The roads are clear.”

“Nope.  There was blowing and drifting and tigers, oh my!”

“I hope it was worth it.  Did you bother to check the weather report for tomorrow and Monday?”

“I don’t have to check it.  I am waiting for Phil to let me know what’s going on.”

“Phil who?”

“Philip Groundhog. He set his alarm for Monday morning, as he does every year, and will pop out of his hole, to stun the world with his prediction.”

“Oh that goofy thing.  He won’t be seeing his shadow this year, and everyone will be delighted that we will have an early spring, as we are buried in snow and ice.”

“Phil gives up hope, Minnie.  And right now, we need that.  At least I do.  I want my keister  to warm up.  You don’t know what it’s like to go through life with a frozen hind end.”

“Relax, Wolf.  You should thaw out by March.  But considering the size of your back side, it could be April.”

“Why did you ask me if I checked the weather forecast?  Is something happening?”

“Not much.  But I doubt if Phil will pop out of his hole on Monday.”

“Why not?”

“His keister will be frozen.”




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