A day at home:

It snowed.

It rained.

It sleeted.

Then freezing rain.

More snow.

Oh well, I can make it to work.

Got dressed.

Took a look a the driveway and road.

Where are the plows?

Scraped and brushed the car.

Frozen fingers.

My cougar coat got wet.

I threw it over a chair when I got in and Puff Daddy immediately claimed it as her own.

Storm is supposed to stop at noon.

I can go in then.


More freezing rain.

Plow finally rolled through.

Plugged up the driveway.

Now what?

Better make some chili.

Where are my pjs?

I am not going anywhere.

What would my mother do in a storm?

Oh yeah!  Macaroni salad with tuna and celery and peas.

Feeling disoriented.

Want to choke the ground hog.

Called for more heating oil.

A cold week ahead.

Why does a day at home in a storm make me feel anxious and tired?

Maybe I will have a peanut butter sandwich on raisin bread.

Or maybe 2.

Sure hope the weather improves soon, or I will be blown up like a blimp.

Oink Oink.



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