It was a Wednesday, in February.

Nothing special.

Oh no?

Think again.

What was it about today that I will never experience again?

The Beaver was back. How I missed her and how my heart aches for her loss.

Pat was crabby, but she made it down her driveway.   As she was leaving work, Frank told her he had something that would wipe out her crabbiness.  You should have seen her smile.

Erica and Barb wore purple.  I love purple.

I couldn’t decide who was cuter:  Sophia or Fatima.  Sophia said she was.  Fatima said I was.

Dana, to the rescue. What would I do without her?

Pat, yes, shut up Pat, showed her softer, caring side.  She is, after all,  the ultimate care giver.

Lots of hugs, kisses and smiles:   Who says the work place is a cold place?

Hoser and Banana:  Thank you!  I could not do the impossible without you.

My very busy boss:  She always has time for me.

Scottie and Donna:  Hey you two!  Thank you.  It is so nice to be on your team.

Kat: You light up my life.

Lisa and Jasmarie:  Is there anything you can’t do?  Even when I screw up?

Candis:  Such a good listener!

Mcat:  Ok.  There is always one in every crowd.  Just kidding.  You are a hoot.  And yes, I do laugh when you holler at me.

It was a “mild” day.  I didn’t need to wear my penguin hat.  But I still won’t put the bear in hibernation.

After all, it was just an ordinary Wednesday in February.







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