An overwhelming sense of sadness shook me as I walked out of the office today.

Looking around at the blue skies and snow, and the parking lot full of cars,  the only real fear I had today was driving home through the blowing and drifting snow.

My thoughts went out to those in war torn countries, to those who are abused, to the millions who go to bed hungry or homeless.

I cannot imagine losing a loved one to terrorists whose only purpose is to create chaos, fear and destruction.

I recall a trip to Colombia, where children roamed the streets, hungry and ragged.

And a visit to the pet shelter, where hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats are euthanized because nobody wants them.

To torn families, and poverty, to those who are sick and cannot afford medical help.

I had a rough day at work.  There were problems that required attention.  And at the time, they seemed overwhelming and insurmountable.

How silly I really am.

I have a home, a family, a job and am working on my health.

I go shopping every week, in grocery stores that feature just about anything the heart desires.

When it is cold out, I turn on the heat.

In the summer, I have air conditioning.

I meet friends for fun.

I have a cell phone, a tv, a computer and medical insurance.

I finally got my roof repaired, and am planning a vacation in a few months.

So who cares what others are experiencing?  What crazy fool aches for the condition of mankind around the world?

Isn’t it all about me?  Am I happy?  Am I content?  Am I safe?

The journey through the drifting snow was uneventful.  I am home.

But the sadness lingers on.




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