Stuff I enjoyed today:

Crispy, hot kale chips are very tasty.

Yes, Pat, I think I just might like them more than potato chips.

Got caught up on my billing.

I love it when the dollars start rolling in.  It makes all the efforts worthwhile.

Spent some time with Jasmine.

I savor those moments, and will remember them, when she is on her way to her new life.

Reached out to the hub customer service reps with problems.

All of them solved.

Had a wonderful time at pot luck today.

So what if I went off my diet?  It was worth it.

Ran into Karen, the blonde curly headed cutie pie.

Got hugs and kisses.  She has to be the most positive, loving creature on earth.

Noticed a need for attention.

Sneaked donuts out to Material Handling and Bindery.

A beautiful winter day.

Sunny, blue skies and no wind.  And I didn’t have to wear one of my goofy hats.

A “touchy” situation.

Resolved with laughter.

Found my script for a blood test.

Woohoo!  No need to fast for a vitamin D test.  Yes! Coffee!

Jess came in to visit, with time to spare while Granny was in surgery.

We all love that girl.

A busy day.   4 more orders came in at 445.  It would be so easy to leave them for tomorrow.

I didn’t.

Someone asked me why I was still working?

If they had a day like I did today, would anyone wonder why?










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