Questions on a Thursday, in the back room, at the office:

Is grumbling contagious?

Do you think there might be a full moon rising?

When you finally realize it is your last day on the job,  and you will be moving on, are all your emotions positive?

Are problems an annoyance?  Do you think you would have your job if there were no problems?

When you are tired of an issue, do you change your strategy?  Or is it easier to escalate and be done with it?

Who is the new person?  Did you even bother to introduce yourself?

When you encountered a stressful situation, did you realize that your behavior in stress, reflects your true character?

Did you take the time to express appreciation for others?

When you assess your day, do you dwell on the negatives or the positives?

Did you look outside of yourself and your world, to recognize and acknowledge those that need help?

When mistakes are made, and there are customer complaints, do you blame others?  Or do you realize that a customer doesn’t care who made the mistake. We are all responsible.

What did you do today to bond with your co workers in the other departments?

Did you take time to laugh at yourself?  When you can’t laugh, you are probably taking yourself too seriously.

What did you learn today?  No one knows everything.

Can you honestly say you enjoy your job?

It is, after all, what you make it.






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